You will need
  • keyboard;
  • - mouse;
  • document.
Translate computer English keyboard layout. To do this, press the key combination left Alt + Shift. Can also manually change the language. On the panel in the lower right corner highlighted current input language. Hover over it, click the left mouse button in the pop-up menu, select EN – English.
If you do not find an English menu, so you need to install it. Click start > control Panel > regional and Language options. In the opened window select the tab Language and keyboard > Change keyboard > Add. Click on the "+" next to "English (USA)". Check the box next to "US" (the top row). Confirm with "OK"button.
New language is shown in the window "Installed services". Here you can make convenient switching of the keyboard language. After completing all the steps, confirm the selection by pressing "OK".
Open the document in which you need to get the icon "dog". Moving the keyboard to English, press and hold left Shift while pressing a number key 2. In the right place, the icon "@".
Can score this mark and symbol table. To open it, follow these: start > All programs > accessories > system tools > character map. In the drop-down box on the toolbar, select the font in which you want to see written icon. Click on "@", it should appear in the window, "To copy". Confirm the selection by pressing "Copy".
To display the received by copying the icon "dog", place the cursor in the required place in the document. Right-click to bring up the menu, select "Paste". The symbol will appear in the desired location.