How to operate shelters for dogs

Depending on the form of ownership, shelters for Pets have different purposes. Municipal shelters, which is not so much intended for the temporary detention of stray animals caught on streets. The meager funds allocated for their maintenance, only allow dogs to place several pieces in a fairly tight enclosures and to ensure their single meal, which is used as cheap feed, with nothing else, except bone meal.

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While the content of the animal to the municipal shelter is limited to six months and if during this time the owner of it is not there, the animal is euthanized simply. Of course, in the case of illness, veterinary care provided the dog will not. To rely on the humanity of the staff is also not particularly necessary in municipal shelters operate low-skilled workers mostly from the southern republics.

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Those shelters that provided by public organizations are constantly experiencing difficulties. This deficit of funds for maintenance, and the lack of a sufficient number of workers, and the authorities ' unwillingness to assist or at least to formally allocate land for shelter. But in such places the animal can rely on the dental services that provide free of charge specialized clinics, and the maintenance of the old. We must pay tribute to the volunteers of these shelters are doing everything possible so that the dog has found a new host.

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In private shelters staffed by professional trainers, able to provide qualified assistance animal, but they are designed so that the owners surrendered the animal to the shelter will provide him with an allowance at least at the vet and feed them.

How to take the dog to a shelter

If you have the situation is really hopeless and you can't leave the animal at home, still you should first try to attach it to some kind-hearted people, many more of them. In that case, when that doesn't work, find out through Internet what are the shelters for stray animals are functioning in your city. If there is a choice, try to leave a dog in a private or public shelter and support of well-wishers from it at least some material resources or maybe construction materials to build the cage, feeds, drugs. But you must understand that the shelters is not the place where the animals feel good, no matter what the content of it there or it was provided.

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