To ask a question that you will answer the same as you portal users Mail.Ru you will need to register first in the system. To do this go to" > in all the required fields in the form, and then you will automatically be in the system.
Now go to http://otvet.mail.ruor click Answers at the top of the page. Opens a section of questions and answers portal. In the box "Ask your question type your question and click "Ask a question . You will be redirected to a page where you will need to add your question to a category (e.g. "Art and culture ), and subcategory (for example, Movie ). If you want to email answers you need here to put a tick next to "Receive e-mail responses .
Once your question is asked, it will be placed in the chosen section, and other users will be able to answer it. If you are marked to receive e-mail responses, read the responses, you will be able in your Personal account section , when you again log in to the portal using your username and password.