Even if you want just leave your comments under any news, you'll likely have to specify the e-mail address and create your account in social networks, electronic payment systems, sign up on many forums, online games and other resursah without a valid mailbox at all is impossible. E-mail address that you indicate when registering on the website, you will be sent a letter with the activation key account: the link that you will need to go, password to login to your personal page, etc. Through this Inbox you will be able to liaise with the administration of the online project and technical support in case of any problem.

Many sites offer their regular readers to sign up for their newsletter by e-mail. Apply for a subscription, and your Inbox will be regularly receiving notice of appearance on the website of new materials. If you're online beginner and favorite sites you have not yet, subscribe to our thematic mailing lists. Extensive directory free mailing offer its users Mail.ru http://content.mail.ru/, Subscribe.ru http://subscribe.ru/ and MailList http://maillist.ru/. Of course, this is not the only services that provide a similar service, but for the beginning enough. If the selected newsletter in the future will disappoint you, you will be able to opt out of receiving them.

Pay attention to the fact that check many free email services will give you not only the mailbox. In addition you will receive:

- my personal page in the social network portal in the network "My world" Mail.ru for example) through which you will be able to find his old friends or new friends with the same interests;
- personal blog ("Yandex", if you want a blog you can even create a personal website);
server for file storage;
- e-wallet (for example, "Yandex Money");
- access services, Internet Dating etc.

Useful your Inbox and to address serious issues. Your Internet pages have a commercial and non-profit organizations, including government agencies. There is even a Single portal of public and municipal services of the Russian Federation http://www.gosuslugi.ru/ru/. The contact email addresses listed on the websites of the associations you'll be able to send official requests and receive answers in your e-mail. Of course, official documents, certified signatures and seals, must be sent by ordinary mail by registered mail, but for operational obtaining of prior consultation and background information e-mail will be enough. By the way, for registration on the Single portal of state services you will also need to provide your current e-mail address.