You will need
  • Passport;
  • other documents, which give grounds to live abroad;
  • detailed information about the selected country.
Decide why you are leaving. If the answer looks like "there are no prospects for a man of such a profession, but they are, for example, in Canada, you can assume that already are on your way to a successful move. If the answer is more like "I just want to change lives", will have to think, what to change and how. Interests at all different: someone important building in a calm and quiet place, someone prestigious job and career, someone the opportunity to do what he likes. Thinking on it, select the country for the move.
All countries have different legislation, but in almost all countries you can move, marrying or marrying the citizen of this country, finding relatives, buying property or a business or finding a job. If the first two ways fall away (i.e. you have no husband, no wife, no relatives abroad), is looking for work. To make sure that professionals such as you claimed, read articles or look at websites for job search in the country in which you intend to move. This, for example,, or (for students and unskilled workers).
To start the job search easier right through the mentioned sites. You can also try to negotiate with employment agencies that employ Russians abroad. The recruitment process is typically quite long: you will have to pass the interview and your new employer to obtain all necessary documents from the government authorities for processing your visa.
Students and young people you can also try to enter a foreign University. Usually the training is paid, although in some cases foreigners grants. Admission rules for foreign students vary depending on the universities. If you want to get education abroad, contact through the website of the University with its administration. You can provide information on the recruitment of students, terms, payment, etc., and then also will send documents for visa.
If you have some cash savings, you can purchase a property abroad. In many countries, it is much cheaper than in Russia, therefore, if you aspire to a quiet life in a quiet town with a good environment, it is likely that your desires are feasible. To buy property, using the services of numerous real estate agencies that provide services for the sale of it overseas houses and apartments. As a rule, all property owners are entitled to stay in the country where they have acquired.