Decide which European country you want to move and why. Select in this country a city where in the future will be your home. If you have no need to move to a specific city because of a job or College, choose soul. Loop in the mind of a European city and let yourself dream about what you really want. If you decided to change your life, choose a direction that will make you happy.
Get a Schengen type of visa that corresponds to your main activity at the chosen country. Get a student visa if you are enrolled in COLLEGE, business visa, if you have an invitation from a European employer. If you are in Europe do not expect neither the UNIVERSITY nor the employer, will receive a three-month tourist Schengen visa.
Through Internet search for housing, which will become your home. For a long time to live in hotels — it's expensive, in hostels uncomfortable. The best option for you would be to rent an apartment or room. Locate the announcement on the delivery of housing for rent in the city you want to move and communicate with the landlord. Agree with him about the price, exchange contact information, provide the date of your arrival.
Learn a foreign language. Ideally, this should be the language of the country in which you are moving. English is widespread in Europe, so it is a suitable alternative.
Prepare the funds you need for rent and living in a European country. If you are a applicant of the European University, we prepare a sum sufficient to pay tuition. If you are moving to Europe not on a work visa, consider what you are going to earn a living in a foreign country. Remote operation via the Internet — one of good variants.
Make new friends and acquaintances in the city where you are going. Discover them on numerous sites on the Internet, keep in touch, communicate. When you find yourself in an unfamiliar city, their help will be useful.
Complete all the works that connects you to the Russian city — the place you live in the moment. If you don't know, are you moving permanently or for a time not to sell a property and car. Put the car in the garage, and apartment turn — this will be additional income.