You will need
  • Constant training
Every athlete and not only progresses only in the case if competing with a stronger opponent, such is the regularity. There's no escape. It must, above all, for progress in that direction of the sport and not only.
There are a few effective tips that you can apply to various situations, whether it be sparring in training, the race at the track stadium, swim in the pool or wrestling in a street fight. Knowing and applying these strategies, you can count on success in a particular match, even if your opponent is obviously stronger.
1. First, just think and analyze your opponent doesn't want you to surpass in all respects, necessarily it must be the "Achilles heel" is his weak spot. This is the emphasize. If, for example, he is superior to you in weight, then it is slowed down the reaction. Also, it may not be as hardy as you – and this use in a certain situation.
2. To win over a stronger person on the street or in competition, you just have this strong desire! Perhaps this statement is a cliche or may sound strange. But, it's not! You have to be a pure passive attitude of the athletes or the ordinary people, which doesn't Bode well. You win only when you have an internal fuse, the core of a winner is the absolute truth.
3. Victory over a larger opponent will not be so heavy if you use the moment of surprise in their actions. Just attack in an unprotected place, quickly and mercilessly. And do it with all your might! Then he will not have time to take the opposite action. As the proverb: "the bigger they are, the harder they fall!". It just applies to the moment of surprise.
4. Never, never, never lose faith in yourself! This indirectly coincides with the psychological mindset of a champion, but it is deeper and more long-term concept. With this faith, you must live constantly and even in difficult situations she will come to you for help. Even when the rest of you will not believe.
5. Become stronger. Yes. It's simple. To win over a serious opponent, you have to become one. It is in your best interest. To become stronger means to develop. Exercise every day, be better today than you were yesterday. If you do not, no one will help you win! The main victory is victory over oneself. Act and all you get!