You will need
  • - time;
  • - will power;
  • sports equipment;
  • - video player or computer.
Self - defense- actions taken to protect yourself, your loved ones or property against the aggressor. It is wrong to understand self-defense only attacks, painful receptions or shots from the weapon. Of the many dangerous situations you can go through negotiations, persuasion, finally, just to escape.
However, if you've decided not to retreat and not to give up, learning self defense at home should start with assessing their own physical condition in accordance with which you need to choose the path that you will develop. For strong young men approach the study of Boxing or kickboxing (disciplines closest to a street fight), and fragile girls better Aikido or to study the methods of protection with the use of weapons of self-defense.
There are many video courses on self-defence, and to choose among them is not easy. Immediately deselect those that offer guaranteed results in the shortest possible time. There are no miracles, and any professional knows that the staging of the most simple strokes take months of training. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose very exotic and complicated martial art designed for a very high level of physical fitness. For example, in one of the schools Wushu beginner is offered on the third lesson, to perform a back flip. In most dangerous situations this ability you do not need. Select the Golden mean, for example, all the same box.
In addition to training on the syllabus of self-defense regularly exercises on General physical training. Running, pushups, pullups, work with dumbbells or a barbell is just as important as the knowledge of fighting techniques. In the end, even not having special skills in martial arts, you will attract fewer potential aggressors sports.