Young wash dill, dry it by putting it on a cotton towel. Pass it through a meat grinder. Juicy thick mass with syrup spread on sterilized banks, the sunflower and roll covers. Store in the refrigerator. This dill is perfect for soups.
Dry dill stems as whole and in powdered form. Lay or hang it in a well ventilated area. To preserve the green color, avoid drying in direct sunlight. Store dried dill in glass jars under tightly closed lids in a dark, dry place.
Fresh dill can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator in a tightly closed dry jar. Not pre-wash and do not soak it. So young dill will not lose colour and freshness (and health properties).
Rinse dill under running water. Decompose and some dry twigs. Cut into small pieces. Scatter a thin layer in a plastic bag, tightly roll it in a roll, releasing all the air, and put in the freezer. Can be folded into a small container and place in the freezer. When you'll need fresh dill, just get the rolls, expand slightly and pour an adequate amount of greenery. The rest can continue to store in the freezer.