To get an even cut, pull the thread along the entire length of the fabric and cut the threads pass. There are some types of organza which perfectly torn, however, they can faldet, so gently flatten iron it place, only slightly applying the sole of the iron to the fabric.
In order to precisely cut the edge of the organza, you need to pull the string across the length of the fabric and pass from the strings to make the cut. If your tulle is embroidered, it does not hurt, the stretched thread one way or another will still be visible. Can also pull a thread across the length and small segments. For example, to the example of a pattern you can stretch the thread, and then the embroidery should be cutting the cloth, without any ornament, then you can pick up the thread and acuurate pulling. There is another option, when the organza is beautifully broken. But at the margin it begins to foldit, so you need to gently flatten it, only slightly applying goreau sole of the iron to the fabric.
If you did not hem the tulle and organza in a way that you intended originally, or there was any other sewing force majeure, you can go for the extra option and use a technical bend of the fabric 10 see Scribble in the fabric, not the tape, leaving a few lines – the edges and the center strip. Two seams pristrochite tape to the tulle, organza tapes, if the tape is not too wide, and three, if the tape width is quite large. The fabric at the top of the tape tuck two times. Top leave a small margin if you want on the tape peeking gathered curtain.
The side seams on tulle and organza, it is better not hemming with the serger. The best option here is to tuck the fabric, gently smoothing down, but not pulling, and then again in the same way tuck and defer. The width of bending observe 5 mm.