Purchase curtain tape in a specialty store where everything is sold for sewing. It was the braid determines the amount and thickness of the folds of your curtain. When selecting curtain tape, note the quality. The characteristic waviness of the ribbon indicates its low quality. If your curtains made of organza or veil, it is better to buy a thin transparent tape. And if you are purchasing for curtains made of thick fabric, it will be useful for tapes with a thickness of 5 to 10 cm Length of the ribbon choose from calculate the length of the curtains to the desired length, add another 10 cm on allowances and shrinkage.
Before you primetime the braid to the curtain, perform the wet-heat treatment, because most tapes affected by planting 2 - 3 to 1 meter.
Tuck and proutyuzhte the width of the fabric corresponding to the width of the used curtain tape. To pretrazivati mounting tape is always necessary on the reverse side of the product at the front of the braid, at a distance of 1mm from the edge.
Attach the curtain tape on the bent edge so that the bottom edge of the braid came abroad bending 1 mm at the end of the braid should be twisted about 1.5 cm on both sides. Cleave the curtain and the lace needles with cone, at a distance of not more than 15cm, laid perpendicular to the line.
Stitch the top seam on the sewing machine, tightly holding the cloth and band. Then make the bottom line in the same direction that the fabric is not wrinkled.
Pull the cords on one side and tie it in a knot, do the same steps on the other side. If you have used the wide tape, it is required to lay the lines along each cord.