Before washing organza, carefully inspect the product. Remove any visible lint and pieces of caked mud. Gently shake the cloth.
In case you choose machine washing, select, and setup function delicate wash. The temperature of heating water set at the value not more than 30 or 40 degrees. You must disable the function of pressing the fabric. For machine wash use only mild Laundry detergent that does not damage the fibers of the fabric.
To wash the organza hands, dial in a large bowl of water for a comfortable hand temperature (30-40 degrees). Pour in water, powder, suitable for soft and thin fabrics. Completely dissolve powder in warm water.
Soak a piece of gauze in soapy water and gently squeeze the cloth with two hands, thus removing the existing contamination. Do not remove and do not RUB the organzanot to damage the fibres.
Very carefully rinse the organza in lukewarm water several times. It does not RUB or stretch the fabric to organza't hesitated.
After rinsing, hang the washed material over a large bowl or bathtub to the rest of the water glass down. After a short period of time, hang the cloth to dry.
Not to spoil organza while Ironing, set the iron to work at low heating temperature. The most optimal mode for Ironing synthetic or silk. Not outwrite organza - enabled moisture. Check that the soleplate was perfectly smooth. If the sole has any flaws, outwrite organza through a sheet of silk fabric or thin tissue paper to iron not to catch the thread of the organza and not to spoil this delicate tissue.
There are organza, which is not necessary to iron. The products of these fabrics are ready to use immediately. For example, some curtains organza immediately after drying, hung on the window.