You will need
  • - A piece of tulle;
  • - scissors, centimeter, pencil, and paper patterns;
  • - sewing machine and thread;
  • - braid with loops for fastening to the cornice or fabric for sewing a fabric hinge;
  • - the elements of decor and fabric treatment at your choice (curtain tapes, fringe, lace, etc.);
  • - iron and gauze.
Prepare the selected piece of tulle to the pattern. You must dampen the cloth with water, and then shake it and dry it in the expanded state. If the canvas is wrinkled, it is possible to steam or iron through a moist gauze is not very hot iron. When working with a new dry cloth, you may encounter unpleasant surprises, as some tulle shrink after washing.
Make the necessary calculations. The length and width of the future of the lace curtains should be selected individually. If the kitchen is usually sufficient curtains simple design just below the window sill, the bathroom tend to choose more complex draping. Creating a nice neat folds is only possible when the length of the tulle almost to the floor; in width it is recommended to take a piece of tulle at least 2 times more than the eaves. The traditional combination of delicate sheer curtains with blackout curtains you can limit the length of tulle: 1.5 m more than the eaves. To the obtained size of the pattern do not forget to add allowances for the side seams (for 2-2,5 cm) and hem the top and bottom (4 cm).
Follow the pattern of the tulle on the floor, putting the cloth down the underside. Pay special attention: between the side edge and the bottom cutting line, you should get the straight angle. If you decide to make the lace curtains in two parts, then the pattern of the second part carefully verify the coincidence of the pattern on the fabric.
Proceed to the processing of the edges. First, run the side seams, carefully tucked the edges of given left seam allowance. To make a smooth and the visible bend to go over it with your fingernail (but don't tear the delicate tulle!), then Tutuila and baste by hand. Prostrochite seams on the sewing machine. The lower and upper hem is recommended to do 1.5-2 times thicker side on top of it will help you to carefully sew the ribbon for attaching the lace curtains to the eaves; bottom-the seam will act as the weighting for beautiful draping.
Decorate curtains made of tulle to your liking. Down you can buy fringe sew; tape thickness 10-15 cm; delicate lace (in the same style with tulle-or interestingly contrasting with it). For fastening the curtains of a delicate, weightless material should be used such methods:

• if you have a curtain pole with hooks or clothespins to the top hem of the tulle to sew a special braid with eyelets from the Department of sewing accessories. The upper edge of the curtain can be pre-processed transparent curtain tape – in the future it will help you make the required number of assemblies.

• For round rods suitable fabric loop (10 cm on the front and inside plus allowance depending on the width of the eaves). It is recommended to stitch them in tone with the tulle but more tightly woven. Do loops can be solid, buttoned or just tie them with beautiful bows.