Advice 1: How to throw the bait

Fishing, being bright and interesting hobby that attracts more and more people. Novice anglers are faced with the necessity of development of many useful skills. And one of the first, of course, is the ability to throw the bait.
How to throw the bait
You will need
  • - fishing rod.
Cast a line with inertia reel and one-piece, composite or telescopic rod, the "pendulum method". Rewind the fishing line so that it was slightly longer than the rod. In one hand hold the rod and the other end of the fishing line with a hook. Tilt the rod at an angle of 45-60° in the direction of casting. Release the line and at the same time gradually raise and then lower the rod end. Through such movement, you can throw the bait far enough.
Cast a line with a long rod and retractable through the head. This method will allow you to send the bait a little further than the "pendulum method", but the overall length of casting shall not exceed the sum of the lengths of the rod and the fishing line. Before you throw a rod through the head, make sure you back far enough away no one. Take the rod with one or two hands. Smooth movement of the shoulder pull it back slightly so that the end of the fishing line with the hook was behind you at a distance of 1-2 m. Quickly and smoothly flutter your rod in the direction of the cast (it should be in almost horizontal position).
Far to throw the bait with inertia reel, the rod which is equipped with throughput rings, "method loops". Before you throw wind from the spool of fishing line so that it exceeded the length of the rod 2-3 times. Consistently hook the line with your finger between each of the adjacent pairs of crossing the rings and pull her to the hilt. Cast the line through the head as it was described in the second step. However, it is necessary to reset all the loops of the fishing line with the finger around the time when rod will be in a vertical position.
Casting rods or spinning rod with a spinning coil is made the same way. First pull the part of the fishing line and press it with your thumb to the body of the rod. Fold the handle of the coil. Cast your fishing rod or spinning through the head, slightly lifting his thumb to release the fishing line at the top of the casting. After the bait hits the water, raise the bail and a little podocyte line.

Advice 2: How to make fishing rod long casting

Many fishing enthusiasts prefer to use a fishing rod for long distance casting. Below that brought only pleasure and a good catch, you need to properly prepare the bait, as well as patience, because such a set will require time and effort for serious development.
How to make fishing rod long casting
This tackle consists of several parts: the rod, the basic woods, the coil, ogruzka float, leash hooks and stoppers. Use a relatively short rod lengths from 3.6 to 4.1 meters. If you select the rod with less length you will not be able to make the necessary long-distance casting lightweight tackle. A good rod should have a strong flexibility at the top, and, at the same time, to be very stiff in the lower and middle parts.With such a rod you will throw a light snap, even in windy weather. For a uniform distribution of the load on the rod you must have from 10 to 16 high-quality rings. Typically, such rods consist of three tribes, and has a plug structure.
When coil selection note marked "Match". These reels feature a lightweight and an elongated bobbin with a convex drum. A large number of bearings (11) provides a good smooth running and reliability. But keep in mind that every casting rods will take the power of your arms. For non-fishing 5 bearings in the spool will be enough.
For recreational fishing, use fishing line with a thickness of from 0.14 to 0.18 mm. Wrap the coil around 60-80 meters of line. It is important that forests are not wound extends to the edge of the spool, about 1-2 mm. If the line will be less - you will not be able to throw far, and if more - there are endless beard. Use only high-quality woods.
For long casting use moving floats with one attachment point. Their advantage lies in the fact that their casting is more accurate, and further, the cutting will be more confident that the bite will be better visible on the rise. This float due to its length and increases resistance when casting, and the tail float you will be able to notice even from a distance of 60 meters. At the bottom of the float mounted metal keel, screwed into the tube with thread. Here you can add additional ogruzka. If necessary, you can change the float to more light or heavy, without removing from a fishing line ogruzka, due to the location of the hole in the keel under the forest. In other words, just Unscrew the float from the keel and screw the other.
Run the ogruzka using a few lead pellets. Okruzite line below the float for 2-4 cm For catching predatory fish use a leash. To do this, take a thicker line, metallic fishing line or monofilament having a high strength. Tie the leash directly to the main fishing line under the float and weight. And by the tie the leash hook. The stopper for moving the float represents the lower the shot-stopper, stopper knot and a sliding bead.

Advice 3: What is the difference in rods from spinning

Despite the fact that spinning and fishing rods are tools for catching fish, their functions vary considerably. Spinning is a much more sophisticated device than a normal fishing rod.
What is the difference in rods from spinning
The prototype rods originated in ancient times, because people had to provide themselves with food, and hunting and gathering were not always successful. Rod gradually improved, becoming less noticeable and heavy. Fishing rods used for fishing from the shore and from the boat.

Every rod consists of the rod, which can reach five meters in length, line and tooling, that is, float, sinkers, hooks and other devices. In the past fishing rods were mainly made out of wood, currently the rod can perform plastic or crushed bamboo, which is known for its strength and lightness. Now there is a huge number of varieties of rods, while the design principle is unchanged. Some modern fishing rods has reels, but most rods are fine without them.

Spinning — the invention of a much later time. It is believed that it was used in the mid-nineteenth century in England. The first spinning was not equipped with coils. Modern spinning consists of rods with rings through which fishing line passes, and coils. Spinning rods rarely exceed a length of 2 meters. Their rods must be very strong and flexible, so modern versions are made from fiberglass or carbon fiber. Spinning rods are not equipped with separate floats and sinker, because it is embedded in the bait.

Fishing rod is a passive method. A fisherman throws the bait into the water and watching the bobber, waiting for the fish to bite. As soon as the float starts to twitch, the fisherman hooking the prey, and pulls her to shore. This method of fishing requires a high level of concentration, constant monitoring of the float can be very tedious. To catch fish on the bait used different types of bait that are attached to the hook to attract the fish. As bait you can use worms, corn, bread crumb and more.

Fishing with a spinning rod can not be called passive. It should be noted that the spinning often catch predatory fish. The fact that the bait during this method of fishing should be constantly moving, attracting the attention of predatory fish, which begin on it hunting. The constant movement of the spoon, which plays the role of bait is achieved by the fact that the fisherman, after throwing the spinning, immediately begins to twist the coil storing the fishing line. To accelerate the movement of the spinners are different types of coils with one or more transmission links.

Advice 4: How to make a homemade bait

Any fisherman can choose tackle for particular fishing shop. Fortunately, there a wide range of necessary equipment. However, the ability to buy an expensive spinning is not for everyone. If you're new to fishing and have not yet got a permanent "tool", try to make a primitive homemade bait. With it, you can spend many pleasant hours on the beach and to hunt for ruffs, perch, roach and Pescarolo.
How to make a homemade bait
You will need
  • - Straight and smooth escape wood for fishing rods
  • - Dumbbell
  • Knife
  • - Sandpaper
  • - Vegetable oil
  • - Brush
  • - Linseed oil
  • Polish
  • - Acetone
  • - Pieces of rubber and plastic
  • - Motoviltse
  • - The line
  • - Float
  • - Sinker
  • Hook
It is best to prepare the rod ahead of time, cut the tree whip back in the fall – at this time the wood is special durable. Suitable durable and resilient birch, maple, cherry and towering mountain ash shoots with a length of approximately 1.8 m. the Short rod you will not cast far enough, with too long tackle, it will be difficult to follow the float and pull the catch. Shoots trees choose smooth, correct conical shape.
Cut off from escape twigs and hang it from the bottom end to the glassed-in loggia or in the barn, in the attic. On the other end attach a load, such as dumbbells. In the spring you need to pare down the whip with a knife, completely removing the bark. Walk the wood is large, and then smaller sticks.
You need to make a homemade bait of a strong and moisture proof by treating the whip with vegetable oil. After complete drying of the wood need to be covered with linseed oil, then varnish it in 1-2 layers. Some craftsmen pour the bait rubber, so it could withstand the weight of a heavy fish. This can be done at home. Dissolve in pure acetone pieces of rubber to obtain a viscous mass, and apply this "primer" on the rod. Half an hour later repeat the procedure. Effect will increase if the solution is to add also a bit of plastic.
Equip the fishing rod ready with motoviltse (a device for attaching fishing line and winder). If you do not have such equipment, make the top edge of the slit-like cut, tightly wrap it in fishing line and tie a strong knot. To put such a simple rope, hooking the hook over the top winding; a forest should be about 20-30 cm long whip.
Attach the fishing line to the bobber, sinker and hook. It is necessary to adhere to some basic rules.
• The float should be of such form to stand in the water vertically. You can buy it at the store or make your own out of the stem of a large feather of a goose or duck. Clean out the fluff, fold the tip and attach the line for him. For the weight firmly pull the feather ring made of rubber or wood bark. Paint the float in a bright, conspicuous color. Homemade fishing poles are also suitable product from the pen or crafted from foam.
• Anchor fasten 12 cm from the hook. If you do not have the purchase of equipment, fit a small nut.
• The hook. The most universal are considered forged products, with a straight tip and a rounded bend. When bending a good hook should cpuinit and to take its original shape. In the course of special products №№3-8. Fasten the hook on the end of the line durable knot - a homemade fishing pole ready!
Useful advice
Before you make the bait with your hands, check the whips of strength. Experienced fishermen consider that the fishing-rod, unable to withstand the weight of 300 g can be considered suitable for fishing. Try the wood escape, hanging it on the end of different goods. In order not to lose fishing tackle, cut several whips in store.
A homemade bait to make the bait with your hands, fishing rod, make a homemade bait
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