Create business image. Always watch your appearance: dress more or less strictly observe the style of a serious business person, not a "huckster", owning such paraphernalia as a pocket PC, not the cheapest tablet with all sorts of add-ons, and even make out of the pocket of your jacket or shirt sticking out a few good pens and a pencil. File folder if it is not full and thick, fill out any sheets, even if they are unusable or empty. All these details will call to you even more respect from the customers and will create for you a reference as to do business person.
Stick to your routing. If not found by key individuals in place, then make it a rule to always call him in such cases, to make an appointment, if necessary.
Always engaged in finding new customers. Go find, call the new points, if I saw a newly opened phone your potential customer.
Optimally distribute and organize your time, if you still haven't paid enough attention to this. Be sure to get a diary and plan things on a weekly periods, making the overall action plan and detail the plan in the days of the week.
Actively work with your Department merchandisers. If you see that the product is "frozen" at some points, then give them relevant recommendations, consult with them and experiment with the location and performance of the product. Merchandising rules are not in all points of sales are equally effective. There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of merchandising. Sometimes it is very useful to go against the established rules.