If you lost your job, contact the employment center for job search and receive benefits during this time. If you worked less than 26 weeks in a twelve-month period before unemployment, the benefit you would pay in a minimum amount established by the government. In other cases, for calculation and assignment of benefits on unemployment imagine a reference from a former work of average earnings. Note that the average earnings for calculating benefits on unemployment is calculated differently than for the calculation of vacation pay and social security benefits.
Write a statement about the issuance of the earnings for the three months preceding the month of dismissal and refer them to the former employer. Check that the accounting Department in compiling and completing the certificate of earnings were taken into account accrued for time worked salary, various bonuses and wages, issued in physical form. Please note that benefits for social security and payments made during the period of exemption from work, the earnings are not included.
If the estimated three-month period preceding the month of layoffs, earnings were absent or in this period you were exempt from work, write a statement that the accounting Department has prepared and issued a certificate of average earnings in the three months preceding the billing period.
If the dismissal was raised salary, make sure that the accounting Department of this increase was accounted as follows: when the increase in the calculation period, taken into account in the payment period must be increased by the rate of increase in salary, while increasing after the calculation period but prior to dismissal, the help reflect increased earnings during the calculation period.