Information on the amount of average earnings will get the Department to work with the staff or the accounting Department of the enterprise in which you worked. Check whether it. Square stamp of the organization and details should stand in the upper right corner of the sheet. On the contrary, separately, the identification number of the payer (employer). Further, in the center of the page, printed "help" in large letters. Under it - about the average earnings (monetary allowance) for establishing the amount of unemployment benefit (scholarship with regard to training employment services). The point at the end of the document name is not assigned.
Please fill out the box. On the first line write who issued the certificate. Name, surname and patronymic shall be given, in the genitive case. Hereinafter, the period of work. Make when I started work and what day it ended. The date format should be like this: 25.05.2005 till 26.06.2010 g. On the third line place the name of the organization. It is fully specified. If the company has multiple legal entities, enter only where you were registered. Then comes information about the incomplete working day or incomplete week. If you have attended such conditions, mark it in help.
The calculation of average monthly earnings (monetary allowance) accrued for the last three months before dismissal. It is calculated in accordance with the procedure for determining the size of unemployment benefits and scholarships. They are paid to citizens in professional training, retraining, and advanced training in the direction of the employment service. Is approved by the decree of the Ministry of labor dated 12 August 2003, article 62.
Then list the times when over the past year, wages were not paid. These include:

- an unpaid leave of money allowances;

unpaid educational leave;

- leave to care for a child from eighteen months to three years;

- simple fault of the employee;

- truancy fault of the employee.
This information is recorded in a separate line indicating the period when wages are not paid. For example, 23.09.2005 at 25.09.2005, in connection with the unpaid leave allowance.
Help get the signature of the organization head and chief accountant. On top put the round stamp with the company details. Specify contact phone and the date when the document was issued. Remember that correction is not allowed, a security is considered invalid.