You will need
  • accounting data about the employees of the organization, calculator, production calendar, labor laws.
Define the period for calculating the average wage. It depends on the time actually worked by the employee. Usually accountant payroll Department takes into account twelve months. If the employee were working at the plant, for example, six months, six months and is this period.
Calculate the amount of wages for the payroll period of the employee. It consists of all payments received by the employee for the performance of their official duties. These include premiums, allowances, proven design statements. But financial assistance and gift funds in this amount are not included.
Determine the number of actual days during the calculation period. These include working days only, holidays and weekends are not included. Calculate the days in each month and find the total amount by adding up their amount for twelve months.
Calculate the average daily earnings of this expert. It is determined by dividing the amount of wages for the billing period for the amount of actual days the employee for twelve months.
Decide the number of working days in the previous month. The size of the average daily wage of the employee is used to calculate average monthly wage. Multiply the average daily earnings of a specialist for a number of days in a particular month. The result will be the average earnings of the employee per month.
When you want to determine the average salary cost for all employees of your organization, calculate the payroll for all employees. It consists of the sum of the average monthly wage of each specialist. Thus, you need to find the average earnings separately for each employee the method described above and fold the results. The wage Fund divide by the number of employees and calculate the average salary cost of employees at your company.