Orders (orders) personnel, are made with the use of unified forms of primary accounting documentation. These forms are approved by the Resolution of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, they can achieve uniformity in the compilation and preparation of personnel documents.
You can make in standard form for more details, but to change the details of forms provided by the Committee, or remove any of them you are eligible. Made enterprise changes need to be documented organizational-administrative document.
Type the text of the order should be 12-14 font, this font, optimal for reading. Do not skip graphs, which are essential for the interpretation of the essence of the document. For example, if the order of appointment an employee must be filled in the fields containing the following data: name, surname, patronymic of the worker, the conditions of admission, probation, the amount of the wage (a specific amount, not a reference to the staffing table).
We must distinguish between individual and collective orders. Individual (simple) orders contains information about only one employee. In the combined (complex) orders include data for multiple employees.
In large organizations, as a rule, in the column "date" staff personnel services shall contain only the month and year of publication of the order. Dates the document head.
The order (order) required signature of the Director. A stamp is not necessary, as the order (order) is a document for internal use. Many forms of orders (orders) suggest the employee is familiarized with the content, therefore, to ignore the lack of signature of the worker also should not be.
Ordersnot related to work staff, drawn on a blank sheet of A4. You can also use the company logo and specify its name in the top part of the form. The document must contain the data to determine when, by whom and for what purposes was issued a particular order (the order).