You will need
  • A network cable.
To begin, select the printer. In this case, you need to pick up a device that is connected not to a stationary or laptop computer and to a network hub or routerfrom (router). Purchase the selected equipment.
Connect a network cable to the LAN port (Ethernet) router with the printer. The latter device, in turn, connect with the computer. To do this, use the adapter cable with the USB port on the USB-B port (square plug).
In this situation, you can't use the printer. First, install on all computers from which you plan to use the network hardware, the driver for the specific model printer.
Second, set up the printer so that you don't have to constantly look for it online. Open the settings of the printer on the computer that is connected to it directly via cable.
Install this equipment uses static (permanent) IP address. Recommend the use ' of the area which contains the remaining computers and laptops. I.e. all IP network addresses must differ only fourth segments. When you activate this function, the printer will have a permanent IP address even if the router is enabled the DHCP function.
For convenience, the initial search printer change network name. This will avoid confusion between similar devices.