Setup through WPS

The method of connecting the printer to a computer using Wi-Fi Protected Setup has gained popularity in the last few years due to its simplicity and ease of configuration. However, remember that you have enabled on the router, WPS is potentially dangerous, because it is not sufficiently reliable protection encryption. The fact that when setting up the printer according to this method there is no need to know the network name i.e. SSID and also no requests for network password when you connect.

To configure the printer via the WPS, first, he needs to support the technology, and secondly, it needs to support router. Further, it is necessary that the whole network was protected with encryption WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2. That is, to set the encryption type WEP is unacceptable. Also it is necessary to disable the filtering of MAC addresses in your router settings. To determine whether the printer supports the WPS connection method, contact the instructions or specifications by visiting the official website of the manufacturer of the printer.

Define a pin code for your router. Usually it is applied on the rear cover and located beside to the WPS. The pin code consists of eight digits, separated by "-". Next go to the settings of the router to enable WPS mode. This setting is usually found under "Security". Note some settings of WPS. Often there is a possibility to change the pin connection at the WPS, which is very convenient. Many models of routers also have a separate button on the device to enable and disable WPS. Turn it on if necessary. After the successful launch of WPS on the router and the printer connection must be made within two minutes, as evidenced by the lit on the router.

Setup wizard installation

In order to be able to connect the printer to the computer with the setup wizard, the printer must recognize the type of encryption WEP and WPA. As a rule, all printers, capable of connecting via Wi-Fi to support these types of encryption.

Go to the control panel of your printer, and navigate to "setup". Expand "Network". The wizard wireless network settings will show a list of available networks. Find the your Wi-Fi network and select it. Next, you will need to enter the encryption key of the network and configuration is completed.