The first method. You can connect printer to one computer in the network, and not to the most powerful and simply to allow all public access. This is the easiest and cheapest way. It is good for very small offices where there are 5 pieces of computers and all sit in the same office. But it has one significant drawback. The computer attached to the printer must always be turned on. Otherwise, no one will be able to print.
Need to configure sharing. Let's say that you have installed the Windows XP operating system. Go to start – control Panel – Printers and faxes.
Then right-click the installed printer and select "Properties".
On the Access tab, click share this printer" and click "OK". The icon must be an icon of a hand. If she appeared, it means that the printer got shared.
Now we need to configure this printer on all other computers in the network. Go to "start – control Panel – Printers and faxes".
Run the connection wizard printer and select network printer. To do this, select browse for a printer, and the system will find the desired printer.
Further consent to allow the installation of drivers and try to print a test page.
The second method. Connection to a network connected printer. It should be a time to set up and can not touch. Such schemes work for several years. Even if it breaks, it can simply be replaced and only configure the printer. In the first method, if you break the computer will have to reconnect the printer, reconfigure it on all the computers in the network.
When connecting the second method to be performed all the same, only in the connection wizard registers the full path to the printer. You can also use additional programs supplied with the printer. It is even more convenient as it allows you to more accurately set the printer.