Is it worth it?
The first question to ask yourself: is it worth it? Why to glue the broken Cup, which still remain signs of cracking. Understand your motives: do you want to return to the relationship – or rather, to build a new one, all efforts and taking into account the errors, completely forgiving the partner and apologizing. Or is it just inertia, the fear of losing their way of life. Or – even worse – revenge (return to abandon the offender). In this case, do not waste your strength on the growth of negativity in the world, better sign up to fight and go to a rock concert to throw out the aggression.
Why is it so?
You don't really have an idea of why the gap? And if you dig? People do not take such serious decisions after an ordinary quarrel. Or too many arguments were considered commonplace. Think about where you are lost, did not reckon with his desires, cheated, was too rough. Just need to analyze it with a cool head and immediately be taken as fact, not Cora herself.
About the situation, when a man really disappears without explanation, silent. Make sure everything valuable in the house on the spot, and forget about it. People who aren't able to explain to the woman, unworthy of your feelings.
Typical mistakes
Indulge the man in everything, including in the erotic plan. Former partner willing to take from you all the sexual offers, but a relationship to build. You need to earn the respect, not the reputation of a girl can be everything.
The time of the alleged coincidence to run into him, to fill with love letters and gifts as a sign of apology. Immediately after a breakup you associate with negative experiences. He needs to cool down and be alone with your feelings, and you should too.
To despair, to think only of him, to live in the past. Love, when we are ready to dissolve in an expensive person, is fleeting. In the more Mature phase of relationship I want to see a complete person. Like a guy will notice your personality, strength of character, intelligence, charm, when you do all this I forgot to reminisce about him?