For accounting purposes, when making a purchase or because the recipient is far away – sometimes there is a need wire transfer money through the Bank.

The sender has two options: to translate yourself or go to the nearest branch of any Bank (often, of course, go to the Bank, which has already been served before).

Transfer through the Internet Bank

The client almost any Bank today it is possible to be served (with its funds and accounts) via personal Cabinet of the Internet Bank. Logins/passwords are available on request.

The operation can be made by specifying only the account of the beneficiary: if the beneficiary is serviced in the same Bank. Typically, these payments go without the Commission (or symbolic), and take very little time (or are approved instantly within a day).

If the beneficiary account belongs to another Bank, in your account you can choose template free payment, where you fill in all the requested details (BIC of the recipient Bank, correspondent account of the receiving Bank, payee account, the name of the recipient). Such payments are held with the Board of the Bank-sender (it is likely that the recipient for admission will also be taken Commission) and is approximately the time from one hour to three working days.

The transfer of funds after a personal appeal to the Bank

If the sender finds it difficult to commit the translation yourself, then you can contact the nearest branch convenient Bank. The Manager will ask all the details of the recipient (listed above). If your money transfer is stored in the account opened in the same Bank, then the employee creates a request for a wire transfer from the customer's account to the recipient account according to the provided details. If the client wishes to make a transfer in cash, it will set a provisional application, and after depositing the funds via cash transfer will be sent to the specified details. Terms of performance, the situation is similar to the transfer through the Internet Bank.

To perform such kind of operation there is no difficulty. Enough clearly to understand the principle and the sequence of transfer of funds. And the options are not so many, or it is an operation within one Bank or between two banks. Or transfer from client's account (Bank transfer) or cash.

Well, besides the above, it is recommended not to make mistakes when filling in the Bank details of the recipient.