To renew an apartment or share living space for an adult child to begin to collect the necessary documents, namely:
• certificate of ownership on apartment;
• the privatization agreement or contract of sale;
• certificate from TIB on the appraised value of the apartment;
• certificate from the tax inspection, in case renew the apartment had been allocated to the owner by inheritance or donation contract;
• extract from the account;
• certificate of family composition;
• certificate of no debt for utilities.
In that case, if the apartment was previously done remodeling, you need to submit documents from the housing organization, confirming the legality made alterations. If done in apartment redevelopment is not legalized, then the collection of documents more complicated. In this case, you must contact the housing organization to execute accordingly produced in the apartment redevelopment.
Once all the documents will be collected, you must go to the notary for drawing up the contract of donation. When drawing up the contract of donation must be the owner of the apartment and the child, which converted the apartment.
Documents signed in the presence of a notary the deed of gift, is submitted for registration to the Department of the Federal registration service at the place of the renewal of the apartment in order to legalize the right of ownership of the child.
If the apartment is reissued with a minor child, then to the above documents, you must attach a power of attorney from the child to the acceptance of the gift. But since the child is a minor, and he is not entitled to issue a power of attorney for him it can do the close relatives, for example grandmother. Accordingly on the procedure for the renewal of the apartment for a minor child will be the grandmother and to take apartment as a gift from behalf of the child.
In the case when the flat is jointly acquired property of the two spouses, would require the consent of one spouse to the reissue of the apartment or share living space per child.