Select financial indicators, growth rate of which you need to calculate. Remember that the rate of increase shows in what direction has changed over time, so you need to know two values, for example, the amount of gross revenue 2010 and 2011.
Calculate the rate of growth. To do this, divide the figure for the new period than last period. From this value subtract 1, multiply by 100%. For gross revenue formula as follows:

(Gross sales 2011/gross sales 2010-1)*100%.
Don't confuse growth rate with the growth rate last calculated by the formula:

(Gross sales 2011/gross sales 2010)*100%.

Growth rate always has a positive sign, even in those cases, if, for example, gross revenue (or any other financial index) has fallen from 100 conditional rubles in 2010 to 50 in 2011. The calculated growth rate is 50%, and increase to 50%.
Check out for yourself. Before the counting of growth rates compare between the financial performance of the two periods. If the data for the earlier period more than the later, there is a real reduction in the value of interest, the growth rate will be negative. On the contrary, if the indicator grew over time, so the growth rate will have a positive sign.
Please note that you can use the growth rate not only in cases where there are two time-sequential values of one financial indicator. Calculation of growth rates and growth is also underway to compare data for a specific period of one year, for example, month or quarter, with data of the same period of the previous year. It is possible to see an increase in gross revenue of Oct 2011 compared with the amount of the gross proceeds of the October 2010.