You will need
  • - Bulgarian;
  • protection sunglasses;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - drill;
  • - chisel and hammer;
  • - glass jar;
  • bucket;
  • - distilled water.
First drain the electrolyte from the battery units . The electrolyte is an acid diluted with water is a very corrosive substance that leaves burns, corrodes the tissue and in a day 2-3 cm of the metal. To drain the electrolyte, you need a drill to drill holes on the bottom of the battery. The number of holes depends on the number of blocks (compartments) of the battery. In turn, drill the holes and pour the electrolyte into the jar.
Now through these holes thoroughly rinse the compartments with distilled water. Once you have verified that the battery is no more fluid on the perimeter saw off or break off the cap using the grinder. After holding the battery, pull the cover.
After that, disconnect and remove all the parts of the battery. To do this, use the chisel and hammer to break all the connections inside the battery. In almost every compartment of the battery is acid, so you should be extremely careful and get all the parts only wearing gloves and goggles. In order to get rid of the acid and residues of the electrolyte, pour the whole battery of water and wash all substances. The used water drain into the bucket. After complete emptying of the accumulator should remain only the body and the severed connection of the compartments.
On completion of works re-wash the body with water, and extracted details immerse in a container of water for a couple of days for the complete removal of acid. That's all, the battery is completely disassembled!