You will need
  • card number, passport
Not to spend too much time before to take a turn, make sure that the bar ("window") where you are applying, are engaged in servicing credit cards. Check with the operator or read informational signs.
For processing the money transfer operator will take you to the document proving the identity (passport) and, of course, the number of the card itself, which will be translated. Contact and passport data of the recipient, as in conventional money transfers are not required.
Operator enters all the necessary data and the specified sum of cash. Sometimes you may be asked to validate the entered card number: the operator reads out what he typed, and you compare their number with their records.
The transaction evidenced by the cheque which you will need to review and certify with their personal signature. If in the Bank teller deals with the admission money on their own, so the calculation is made on the spot: you transfer the required amount received from the teller your passport and the receipt of perfect operation.
If in the Bank teller is not engaged in cash settlements, you will get a passport and is issued a token with which you head to the cashier. If you send a small amount of money, I can just remove the passport in place. If we are talking about tens or hundreds of thousands, the cashier will ask to see the passport again. The further procedure is similar to that described above: give money, get a check.