You will need
  • Passport details of the recipient, a Bank card or a document certifying the Deposit (passbook).
Check with the recipient the amount to be paid. Ask them to provide you all the necessary details:

- the name of the Bank or its services;
- correspondent account number;
- INN;
- credit card number and expiration date;
- account number;
- surname, name, patronymic of the card holder.
If you want to replenish the recipient's account using cash, report to the nearest branch of the Bank, appearing in the recipient's details. Show the Bank statement passport. Provide the details received from the cardholder, and the amount you want to Deposit. Get the operator of the document confirming the payment of the monetary amount to the account. This service is available through some third-party banks. However, keep in mind that in such cases, the banking Commission is usually 2%.
If you are the owner of your own Bank card issued by the same Bank as the card recipient, you have the ability to quickly transfer money using the ATM. Insert the Bank card in the ATM service of your Bank and enter the PIN code. Following the electronic signs, select the "transfer funds" (the wording in the various ATMs may vary slightly). By using a number key enter the card number of the recipient. Carefully check the correctness of the number entered and confirm the transaction. At the end of the service, the ATM will issue you a receipt of the transaction. Don't forget to pick up your card. Recently, some banks provide cardholders the ability to obtain banking services through the Internet and mobile communications. Consult the manual of the issuing Bank to use these services and follow the instructions provided in the manual.
If you are the owner of Bank deposits which, in accordance with the contract, you can make transactions, get your Bank. Show the operator the passport and the document proving the Deposit (passbook). Write a statement in the form proposed by the operator of the Bank, to transfer funds from your Deposit on the card account of the recipient. Make sure that you have correctly entered the recipient's details. After the service, take the statement of the Bank document confirming the transfer of money to the card. Note that such a translation can be done regardless of which Bank issued your card recipient.