You will need
  • - handle;
  • - the payment order.
Write the date and number of the payment order, and payment. The payment order number is indicated on the basis of the document that says the amount of the fine. Write the date, which accounts for the administration of penalty to the recipient.
Fill in the table of payment order with care and attention. At the top you must write in words the total amount of the fine, and at the bottom enter the resulting amount in figures. In the left column write the number of your INN and KPP (mandatory padding is needed only by companies for the repayment of fines for untimely payment of taxes and fees). Then fill in the required information about the taxpayer, be sure to include only correct information, otherwise the payment order will not be accepted.
Enter company name or name of a private person. About the name of the payer should write the account number that was opened by a credit institution. In the next three cells should specify information about the Bank, namely the Bank name of the payer, the account and BIK.
If the Bank has your INN and KPP, they must specify when payment of fines. Next in a strict order you should register the account number of the recipient, and specify its full name. You must then write kind of transaction. Usual code for the payment of fines is - 01.
Sign under the table. If you have the print, put it next to the signature. Please note that the payment order on repayment of fines, can sign only by authorized persons. Later, a Bank employee near the signature will put his seal and signature, along with the date of receipt of cash payment.