You will need
  • program Photoshop, a basic knowledge on how to use the program, the image of the girl.
The selected image should open using the program Photoshop, then it is desirable to duplicate the layer and add a brightness to obtain rich images. Easier to undress a girl in the image is already in a swimsuit, because for this you only need to follow a few steps.
After the improvement of the brightness of the photo, you need a soft brush to make the blurring of the swimsuit on the girl's body. This manipulation is performed in areas with existing clothing by pressing Alt+Click.
On the erased space is required to impose any chest that you can easily find on the Internet. At this stage there is the choice of size, shape and other features of female body parts. The image with the selected chest to open, after which produce soft shading across the chest. Using Shift+Ctrl+I shall invert the selection, and Ctrl+V on the source image is copied to the breast of the second girl.