You will need
  • - romantic dinner;
  • - the movie tickets;
  • a gift for a friend;
  • - flowers;
  • - balloons
If you are friends for a very long time, your friendships have many years of experience, to reverse the situation will be quite difficult. She probably sees you as a best friend and all. Especially if she has family. Another thing – if she's unhappy with her husband, then you should try.
Do simple: invite her on a date. But make it so that she understood that the conversation will be about something serious for you. It is possible in any way to hint at its contents, "prepare the ground". Say, for example, that you wanted to talk about what you much care about your relationship, but you never decided that you can no longer postpone this.
If the friendship that ensued between you, there is not very long, but she has managed to step into the role of best friend, perhaps a solution to your problem is not so difficult. Quite possibly, she is waiting for you this very recognition. Do it in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere so that you no one interfered. Talking seriously, do not stoop to theatrical gestures and facial expressions, if you want to take everything in accordance with your expectations.
If she continues to work hard to see you as a friend, even after all the hints from your side, admit her feelings openly and directly. Tell him that you really value your friendship, but I understand that, alas, is no longer able to stay in this role because you have an overwhelming sense of love.
Consider the personality of your girlfriend. With some point you will probably be relieved to confess her feelings than almost stranger. Use what you know her interests and preferences. Maybe she loves vampire movies like "Twilight"? Invite her to a movie, and then arrange in a small restaurant for a romantic dinner. Give her a pretty decoration, can play the piano, unless, of course, have such talents, and admit his feelings. Hardly romantic nature will resist such recognition.
Try to change that it took you differently, looked at you differently. Let them see in you a man, not just a hand holder or a cute boy that is always ready to listen to all her problems. Change tactics of behavior. Don't be afraid to surprise her, because there is an interest in the person. Confess love in an unusual way. Here you can choose any options that you have to have enough imagination: the recognition of roses on the pavement under her window or poster relevant content, decorated with balloons, music, etc.