Once in a difficult situation, you use various methods in search of a "good" lawyer, and once, finally, under his patronage, and I hope that now that justice will prevail. Protecting in court interests of the person, the attorney, unlike the attorney, executes the individual order. Sometimes it happens that even professional lawyers, whom you have entrusted their destiny, gaining multiple cases, do not have time to deal with them or pass them on to their inexperienced assistants. The result at best does not suit the client, at the worst, the advocate's actions are contrary to the law that can lead to you negative effects. What to do in such a case, where to complain about misconduct lawyer? Despite the fact that these people are specialty lawyers, their actions can be appealed. If you become clear that your lawyer behaves unprofessionally, deliberately delaying the case or are using illegal methods, in search of justice you can file a complaint against him. Your first instance should be the immediate superior of the lawyer – head of the legal advice or law office where he works. If your lawyer is himself a chief, the help you can find the qualification Committee of the regional (local) Law of Commerce is your next resort. If that doesn't help, you can file a complaint with the Department of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation order of the Federal district, in the registry which is registered by your lawyer. If justice failed, please submit a statement to the Prosecutor, necessarily by submitting evidence proving the guilt of a lawyer. Don't let anyone violate your rights. Even if they violate the government officials, you can always find the bodies that stand in your defense.