One of the most common misconceptions on the road – the rest of the car also by themselves. Such a driver may not realize that is also part of the traffic flow. And behave on the road required taking into account other road users. This behavior is typical for beginners who only start to feel your car and just don't notice others. Behavior that may lead to undercutting, failure of the flow rate, improper geometry of motion. In the conditions of dense city flow, you first need to think about all the movement that you see.
In a dense city stream, a very important attention. You have to sneak out no detail. At the same time you need to process a lot of information. Watch the traffic lights, to understand the signs and predict the actions of other road users. Learn to predict the maneuvers of other motorists. This will help you to simulate behavioral situations to sudden maneuvers were not a surprise to you. Under special control keep machines that make sharp maneuvers, drive at high speed and randomly rearranged. At any moment a car can dramatically slow down. And even if it happened a few cars from you, the emergency brake will have to apply the entire series. To cars that you want to monitor can be attributed taxis with sharp stops in the wrong places.
One of the important aspects of proper and safe driving is the lack of fear. Fear paralyzes action and prevent the proper decision-making. Driving once fear, you have to look around, at the traffic lights and road signs. If you are so afraid of city traffic, for a start you need to roll with confidence on a country road or along the empty night road. But the sense of self-preservation at any driver should be present. It protects us from rash decisions, risky maneuvers and prevents an emergency situation.