Advice 1: How to learn to drive a car

To get a license and learn to drive a car is absolutely not the same thing. After all, in order to calmly and confidently feel behind the wheel, requires long practice, belief and a sincere desire to drive.
How to learn to drive a car

The talents

There is a misconception that in order to drive a car, you need to have a specific talent, without which nothing happens. This is absolutely wrong. After all, driving skill, like any other, is achieved by long training, care and perseverance.

To control the car enough to learn the rules of the road, for virtually any adult, and learn to perform a few simple actions: to start, brake, change gears and watch the road. And also to be able to concentrate, to keep my emotions under control and to turn all your attention while driving on the road.
During the first trips in the city, if suddenly there will be panic or confused, turn on the hazard lights, pull over and calm down.

How to drive

The basic steps required to manage any vehicle, often lead to automaticity in driving school. So all the problems associated with the inability to force myself to sit behind the wheel, the newbie occur solely in the head.

In this case, extremely useful and effective is auditory training. Before you get behind the wheel, take a deep breath and say to myself, well aware of the rules and imagine what you can do in a difficult situation, you are confident in your abilities. Because of this simple exercise is much easier to tune in the desired fashion and to get rid of excess nerves.
For the first independent travel on the city select weekends and holidays. At this time, the movement is not very intense, and it will be easier to concentrate.

As often as you can practise driving. Bring all the movements of driving automatic. Besides, after a few times on the same route in the future will be much easier to overcome it. I've already known all the signs, out of the way, and the various nuances associated with the bumps on the road, the favorite places of a congestion of pedestrians, streets are often traffic jams.

Not in a hurry. Drive slowly. Due to the low speed, the novice driver manages to control the road, signs, pedestrians, and follow the movement of oncoming motorists. Gradually, the reaction time will decrease and the above steps will be performed automatically for a shorter period of time. Then you can increase the speed.

Believe in yourself, and then driving very soon, instead of the stress will begin to be fun.

Advice 2 : How to learn to drive around the city

Car driving in urban environments require from the driver a great command of management skills and psychological stability. Because in heavy traffic you need to think about each member of the movement, and try to not create interference and emergencies.
How to learn to drive around the city
One of the most common misconceptions on the road – the rest of the car also by themselves. Such a driver may not realize that is also part of the traffic flow. And behave on the road required taking into account other road users. This behavior is typical for beginners who only start to feel your car and just don't notice others. Behavior that may lead to undercutting, failure of the flow rate, improper geometry of motion. In the conditions of dense city flow, you first need to think about all the movement that you see.
In a dense city stream, a very important attention. You have to sneak out no detail. At the same time you need to process a lot of information. Watch the traffic lights, to understand the signs and predict the actions of other road users. Learn to predict the maneuvers of other motorists. This will help you to simulate behavioral situations to sudden maneuvers were not a surprise to you. Under special control keep machines that make sharp maneuvers, drive at high speed and randomly rearranged. At any moment a car can dramatically slow down. And even if it happened a few cars from you, the emergency brake will have to apply the entire series. To cars that you want to monitor can be attributed taxis with sharp stops in the wrong places.
One of the important aspects of proper and safe driving is the lack of fear. Fear paralyzes action and prevent the proper decision-making. Driving once fear, you have to look around, at the traffic lights and road signs. If you are so afraid of city traffic, for a start you need to roll with confidence on a country road or along the empty night road. But the sense of self-preservation at any driver should be present. It protects us from rash decisions, risky maneuvers and prevents an emergency situation.

Advice 3 : How not to be afraid to sit behind the wheel

Uncertainty and fear – bad advisers for the driver. Severe anxiety can develop into panic, and then the person ceases to control their emotions, and the situation on the road. He admits mistakes and endanger the lives and health of other traffic participants. To fear was not the cause of the accident, the driver should as soon as possible to get rid of it.
How not to be afraid to sit behind the wheel
Understand that fear is normal. You have the right to worry and even panic from remembering the driver's seat, the steering wheel and the busy traffic on the roads. Tugging himself, and the more tormented with guilt over his supposed weaknesses, you will make it worse. Realizing that fear is a normal reaction to potential danger, try to calm yourself. Make sure you perfectly remember all the rules of the road and have all the skills of driving.
Do not give up travel just because you're afraid to get behind the wheel. Fear will eventually become only stronger. Find a good instructor in a driving school or ask one of your friends drivers to help you. At first, you can sit in the passenger seat, and the driver will explain to you every maneuver. Then they get behind the wheel and try to ride with the instructor in a closed court, where there are no cars. Then drive with an experienced driver in the city, choosing the road and time so that the movement was not busy. Go on a short trip, and then gradually increase their duration.
Swipe one simple ritual that helps you calm down. Sit in the car, put your hands on the wheel, close your eyes. Breathe smoothly and quietly, try to rid himself of unpleasant thoughts. When you feel that calmed down a bit, open your eyes and start the motor. You're still not going anywhere, so do not panic. Let's sit in the car, listening to the sound of the engine. If you were able to calm down, try a little ride. If not – turn off the engine and return to exercise within a few hours.
Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Fear will block your actions will force you to stand still without movement, and it is very dangerous, especially if you are driving. Stalled at the traffic lights? Turn on the emergency lights and start the motor again. If the windshield and rear window of your car there are signs indicating that the driver is a beginner, other road users will treat your issue with understanding. Every miss rate as a chance to gain valuable experience: remembering his mistake, you will be able to avoid.

Advice 4 : How to learn to drive around the city confidently

Driving provides not only the correct activation of its mechanisms, but also the confident orientation in the road situation when driving in the city. It is necessary to consider several important points.
How to learn to drive around the city confidently

The basic skills of car control

Learn thoroughly the rules of the road. Note that, in some cases, must give way to other vehicles and pedestrians. Remember all groups of road signs and train yourself to be sure to pay attention to them when traveling around the city.

Be sure to go through several training sessions with a smart trainer. Even if you have friends who have a great driving experience and willing to teach you, a professional instructor often knows many of the subtleties that will help you to successfully move around the city avoiding traffic accidents.

Not just in a hurry to learn the driving in city conditions. Practice driving on quiet and straight roads outside the city or in the fleet. Notice to the Commission of various maneuvers. Make sure that you know how to smoothly move and make the twists and turns of the vehicle to avoid obstacles. Do not forget to include turn indicators in one direction or another.

Learning to travel around the city

Learn city driving in the early morning when the roads are still not very intensive traffic. Mark a certain route. It needs to include overcoming uneven road junctions, rings, and a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings. Train yourself to overcome this phase until you do it without errors, then begin to move around the city more freely.

Learn to move while on a sloping stretch of road. For this you can put the car on a manual brake. In the beginning of the movement, hold the clutch pedal, slowly push on the gas pedal and simultaneously pull down the hand brake lever. Start to accelerate harder, smoothly releasing the clutch pedal. So you can start moving "downhill", without sliding back.

Try to Park the car in different ways. In addition to the simple sites you should be able to do it on the side of, the curbs, on the heels of various buildings, etc. making sure that the Parking or stopping permitted by appropriate signs.

Train to move in reverse. This is necessary in order to be able to smoothly and seamlessly go from the Parking lot where lots of cars. Also try to move around the city under different weather conditions and different times of the day.

Advice 5 : How to stop being afraid to ride in the rain on a car while driving?

Driving in dry weather is much easier driving in the rain. If the road is wet, You can lose control. Even in this weather it is more difficult to recognize the signs or different types of transport.
How to stop being afraid to ride in the rain on a car while driving?

The rules of safe driving in the rain

1. Initially take larger amount of time on the road. So You will be able to go a little slower, be safer. This will help easier to cope with movement in such conditions.

2. It is necessary to turn on the headlights of your car, even when rain is not great. This will allow you to better see what is happening on the road, and most importantly – it will allow others to see Your car in the road.

3. So that your Windows don't fog up, You need to activate the blowout front and rear Windows.

4. In order to avoid accidents, You need to go slower than usual and increase the distance between You and those who went in front, due to the fact that the braking distance on wet roads increases.

5. To stop you need to gradually advance. Try to not slow down as sharply as usual. So will increase your braking distance, but going back, understand that Your car stops and reduce your speed.

6. Try to pay much attention to pedestrians, even those who obey traffic rules, you can not hear the noise of your car because of the noise of the rain.

If the rain is too strong, it is better to wait it at home or on the road.

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