The first trips on the road make, accompanied by an experienced guide or driver. The road is not the place where we need to learn from mistakes. System autoscaling education can not give all the comprehensive knowledge and skills. Therefore, in order to become a skilled driver, you need to cover up behind the wheel of 2-3 years.
Having overcome all the fears and psychological clips. You have the right to drive like all. You don't need to prove anything to women seem to place on the road they have to win men. Respect can be earned only for perfect driving. Themselves in turn be respectful of other road users and pedestrians.
The biggest problem women behind the wheel – hanged emotion. That is an ambiguous response to the situation is often the cause of accidents. Instead of panic and for a long time to think about the steps, learn to lightning fast response, learn to control their feelings and emotions.
Train individual elements of driving in a special area or Parking. The biggest difficulty is reversing, movement in a confined space. To facilitate Parking install Parking sensor and rear view camera. After the initial stage, you still hard to feel the dimensions of the machine. Parking train under the guidance of an experienced driver, there are many twists, which are themselves difficult to guess.
Parking problem is that in driving school are taught to look back with a turn of the head. But in this way the situation is seen as though reflected in a mirror. Hence, the main error is an incorrect driving operation, which leads to chaotic motion. Try to assess the situation on the side rear view mirrors – overview so much better. Look at the obstacle and not on your rear bumper. Work the wheel based on the fact that if you have to turn the body to the left, the steering wheel also turn to the left and Vice versa.
Start to train the reversing-in box. Simulate Boxing can orange traffic cones, which will not harm your machine if you hook. The difficulty of parallel Parking that they need, quickly and clearly work with a wheel to avoid twisting it.
For a quick adaptation on urban roads go every day. First time to do it better during the least congestion of the road. Start with the route that you should go more often. Practise it full assurance. But do not stop there. Women often fixate on a single route and getting into an unfamiliar place, lost.
For safe movement in the stream the car a few rules. Learn to predict actions of other drivers. Follow the actions of the drivers from the next series, especially in the area of pedestrian crossings. View the traffic situation on the two cars ahead. Observe the flow rate based on the condition of the road. Not worth chasing reckless drivers who travel on the slippery road 120km/h in the left lane. In the rear view mirror look every five seconds, even if you are driving on an empty road – the situation is changing quickly.