The basic skills of car control

Learn thoroughly the rules of the road. Note that, in some cases, must give way to other vehicles and pedestrians. Remember all groups of road signs and train yourself to be sure to pay attention to them when traveling around the city.

Be sure to go through several training sessions with a smart trainer. Even if you have friends who have a great driving experience and willing to teach you, a professional instructor often knows many of the subtleties that will help you to successfully move around the city avoiding traffic accidents.

Not just in a hurry to learn the driving in city conditions. Practice driving on quiet and straight roads outside the city or in the fleet. Notice to the Commission of various maneuvers. Make sure that you know how to smoothly move and make the twists and turns of the vehicle to avoid obstacles. Do not forget to include turn indicators in one direction or another.

Learning to travel around the city

Learn city driving in the early morning when the roads are still not very intensive traffic. Mark a certain route. It needs to include overcoming uneven road junctions, rings, and a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings. Train yourself to overcome this phase until you do it without errors, then begin to move around the city more freely.

Learn to move while on a sloping stretch of road. For this you can put the car on a manual brake. In the beginning of the movement, hold the clutch pedal, slowly push on the gas pedal and simultaneously pull down the hand brake lever. Start to accelerate harder, smoothly releasing the clutch pedal. So you can start moving "downhill", without sliding back.

Try to Park the car in different ways. In addition to the simple sites you should be able to do it on the side of, the curbs, on the heels of various buildings, etc. making sure that the Parking or stopping permitted by appropriate signs.

Train to move in reverse. This is necessary in order to be able to smoothly and seamlessly go from the Parking lot where lots of cars. Also try to move around the city under different weather conditions and different times of the day.