At its core, the epigraph is a bright, original statement, borrowed from a well-known person or literary work. The main objective of the epigraphs is concentrated to Express the essence of the work and to shade it. Well-chosen epigraph allows before reading holistic content to understand what will be discussed and some conclusions will be drawn. In addition, a good epigraph with the text, gives it a stylish.
The main question that arises is to choose the epigraph – where to find it. For school essays you can use as an epigraph to any sentence or paragraph of that literary works, which write essay. You can also use the statement of any of the critics who analyze this work, if the idea seems to be you fully and expresses your vision.
As of epigraphs is often used sayings, aphorisms, striking quotes of famous historic figures. Can often be taken fragments of poems. Before looking for any as an epigraph to the text, think about what main idea you want to Express in my work. What tone should ask the epigraph to the whole text: serious, gloomy, frivolous, fun. Depends on the choice of a suitable expression.
Realizing what you want to see your motto, think, don't can you recall some saying, quote, poem, in tune with your thoughts. If something like this comes to mind, find the text and re-read the original. You'll know if it fits for your work. If not, keep looking. You can use the Internet resources that help you choose the right quote or aphorism. Can also be useful for collections of aphorisms.
After chosen a suitable epigraph to the text, it is necessary to properly execute. The epigraphs are always placed immediately after the title and before the main text on the right side of the page. If you print work on the computer, choose to write an epigraph the option "Align right". The text of the epigraph is written without quotation marks, underneath the name and surname of the author. If you want in addition to the name of the author to specify the title, taken from a quote, write it with a comma after the author's name.