To write a report on one article easier than in a number of scientific works, however, this is not the first glance, not a difficult job requires attention and adherence to certain rules. First and foremost, you must keep firmly in mind that the abstract does not imply the presentation of personal opinion of the author only if the case does not concern an abstract.
Accordingly, your main objective in the preparation of a summary is to accurately and objectively to formulate the peer-reviewed material. In this case, you have to consider that the abstract is always much less than the volume of the studied material. So you have not just acquired information, but to articulate them more concisely, selecting only the most important.
Before starting to write the essay according to the article, read it fully and understand. Scroll to read the most important in your opinion thoughts and theses. If necessary, write them to draft in a concise form. Try to create on the basis of the thesis of the holistic structure of the material. Pay particular attention to the consistency and coherence of the narrative.
Any abstract, as any other scientific work, supposes a certain prescribed form. In particular, the abstract should consist of at least three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Depending on the volume and characteristics of the studied material, the main part can be broken down into several interrelated sub-items (chapters and paragraphs).
The introduction must reveal the relevance of the topic, to designate set work goals and tasks and, in some cases, information about the author peer-reviewed material. In the conclusion contains the main conclusions made throughout the work. And if the main part of the essay is divided into several chapters, the report should reflect the conclusions of each individual Chapter and one common for the whole work.
While writing the essay remember you should not copy the text verbatim. Every idea must be realized and you formulated in your own words. If you need to present some idea of the literal words of the author, you must apply used phrases in quotes and give the link an indication of the original source. Keep in mind that direct quotes may not occupy more than 1/3 of the volume of each page of your work.
The optimal size of the summary should be approximately 10-15 printed pages (A4 format). The essay is always done in accordance with the state standard, accepted in domestic science. This means that it must have a main (title) sheet, the plan, text of the abstract and list of references. If clarification of the material presented requires any diagrams or drawings, they are attached after the main text before the list of sources.