Listen to the text proposed. Pay attention to the title, it will help to reveal the meaning of the story and guide you on what to pay special attention. Keep in mind the topic title, it will help to understand the logic of the presentation.
Pay attention to the intonation of the reader, they will help you to break the text into separate paragraphs, each of which carries its own meaning, describes the circumstances of the events in the story, describes the scene, describes the characters, their actions. For convenience, remember the first word of each paragraph or letter with which it begins, it will help you to reproduce the sequence of the text. After the first listen, jot down a brief outline. If allowed, make brief notes while reading the text.
Highlight phrases and expressions used by the author, it is necessary in order to recreate the style of the author and convey the meaning closest to the text. If in the story there are both direct speech, try to memorize it as accurately as possible, consider the characteristic words of the characters. In this part it is better not to resort to the elements of composition.
After the first listen, think about what items you can complement read the text. Stick to the facts and style of the story. The best elements of the works are the justification of characters ' actions, establishing causal relationships between events, evaluation of events from your point of view. It is better not to resort to writing when describing the event, appearance of characters, since the presentation involves the preservation of the substantial and semantic narrative.
Listen to the text a second time, use the plan outline and made notes. Clearly separate one paragraph from another, and think again, if you have missed something important. At the same time try to assess the relevance of items of works in different parts of the story.
Start arranging presentation on the draft. Add your own thoughts, reasoning. Read and rewrite to clean copy.