Advice 1: How to cook rice for crab salad

The popularity of crab salad among Russians is easily explained. Cooking this dish does not require a significant time and financial costs, in addition, this salad is an excellent choice for casual and for the gala dinner. One of the commonly used ingredients crab salad is the boiled ricethat can be cooked in two ways.
How to cook rice for crab salad
You will need
    • long-grain rice;
    • water;
    • pan.
To make rice for crab salad has not turned out sticky and viscous, do not buy short-grain varieties of ricethat produce a lot of starch when cooking. To prepare the salad need long grain ricebecause when cooked, it becomes crumbly and easily mixed with other ingredients. It is desirable to use parboiled rice, which is very friable.
The best way of cooking riceand is a way absorbed. Put in a pan 1 part rinsed riceand 2 parts water. Bring contents of saucepan to a boil over high heat. After boiling, cover pot and reduce heat to low. Cooking riceand this way depends on its type. For example, ordinary long grain rice fully absorb the water for 15 minutes, and steamed rice – for 20-25 minutes. In order not to lose steam while cooking riceand try not to lift the saucepan lid too often to check its readiness. When the rice is cooked, put it under the saucepan lid in a clean tea towel and allow the riceto stand for 20 minutes. This method of cooking the riceand allows you to save the maximum of the contained nutrients.
In the conditions of deficiency of time boiled rice can be prepared by way of boiling. To do this, put desired amount of ricein a pot and fill it with plenty of water. Bring contents of pan to the boil and simmer rice, without covering the pan with a lid. When the rice is soft, drain the water, throw the rice in a colander and rinse it with boiling water. To figure rapidly cooled, additionally rinse it with cold water.
Useful advice
When cooking rice by the absorption method can not measure the amount of water with special containers. You can just check the fluid level. The thickness of the layer of water above the rice should be two fingers.

Advice 2 : How to cook rice in bags

Rice bags – a practical proposal for those who basically can't cook grits. Because this type of packaged products does not need to interfere in the process of cooking, is not required to constantly monitor him, he does not stick to the pan, and cooked rice always turns out crumbly and tasty.
How to cook rice in bags
Shake the bag with rice. Usually, one package equals one serving of rice. Usually in bags for cooking it is available in white long-grain parboiled brown and parboiled rice, at least – round grain parboiled wheat.
Boil plenty of water in a saucepan with a thick bottom, generously sunflower. 100-gram bag is supposed to at least 1 liter of water.
Place the cooking bags with the rice in the water without opening them and not piercing. Small holes over the entire area of the package allow cereal to absorb the required volume of liquid in the cooking process. Boiling water should cover the bags completely. Keep in mind that packaged cereals before cooking rinse is not required – they are already cleaned and handled properly.
Cook the rice, tightly closed pan, over medium heat until fully cooked: white parboiled rice, it is sufficient to boil for 12-15 minutes, brown - 22-25 minutes.
Remove the bag with the rice with a fork for a special loop on one of its sides provided for this purpose. Let the water drain out.
Open the brew package, by cutting him with a knife on the line of nasechek. Place the rice on a plate and add butter to taste to serve it as a side dish, or use for cooking special recipes.
Cooked rice turns out crumbly and delicious. Cooking in the bags ensures no adhesion, no sticking of the product. And after the cooking pot is enough to rinse.
The rice in cooking bags manufacturers "improved" offering and vegetable, and mushroom supplements. In the process of preparation of such natural additives like dried vegetables, recover fully and have the usual taste.

In packaged rice, as well as in ordinary placer cereal, you will not find preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers.

Advice 3 : How to cook normal rice

Rare national world cuisine without rice dishes. Rich in protein, b vitamins, phosphorus and potassium, it is widely used as the basis for cereals, mousses, and casseroles, as a garnish for fish and meat, as well as a component of soups and salads. There are several thousand varieties of rice. This diversity dictates the difference in ways of cooking.
How to cook normal rice
The taste of rice will depend not only on the variety of grass, but from the method of its preparation. Indian long grain basmati rice is very fragrant and is considered one of the best kinds for cooking.
There are two main ways of boiling rice. Conventionally, they are called "East" and "West".
To cook rice "in the East", sort and rinse it three to five times in cold water. There is a perception that water leaches out of the rice nutrients, therefore many cooks do not recommend to wash it before cooking. In this the choice is yours. Pour in the pan of water. For cooking rice is very important proportions. Considered ideal is 1:2. If you are going to prepare 150 ml of rice, pour 300 ml of water. When the water boils, add salt and stir in the rice. Cover pot and cook rice for 3 minutes over high heat, 2 in the middle and 7 on low. Then drain the water, allow rice to stand for 10-15 minutes, add butter. The rice is ready.
For "Western" method needs a large frying pan with a thick bottom. Pour a little vegetable oil and stir, slightly fry the rice. The oil should coat all the grains. Then pour into the pan of boiling water at the rate of 1:2, add salt and close the lid. Simmer, without stirring, to simmer for 15 minutes. Try it on "readiness", the rice should be very soft. If it is cooked, turn off the stove, remove the lid and cover the pan with a towel to soak up excess moisture. If you in this way prepare the rice for garnish, you can pre-fry in a pan the finely chopped onion with grated carrots. Then to the vegetables add the rice and continue cooking on this recipe.
If the rice is cooked on the side, the water can be replaced with broth, meat, vegetables or fish. The boiling broth add salt (if you have not previously done so), pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and stir in the rice at the rate of 1:2.
For cooking varieties, "Jasmine" and "Basmati" boil the rice in boiling water for five minutes. Then fold it in a colander, rinse and put in a water bath, cover tightly with a lid. After 10 minutes the white powdery rice is ready.
Vietnamese rice is never washed before cooking, and fry for a few minutes in butter. Then cook in the usual way. As a result, the rice gets a nice brownish color.
If you are planning to cook rice sweet dish, then cook it in a mixture of water and milk. Boil one part water and two of milk, stir in the rice and simmer until almost cooked. Fold it in a colander, let the liquid flow down and cover the baking paper. When the rice gets dry, put in a bowl, add the butter and leave on time for impregnation.
So grains do not stick together, you can add while cooking in the pan a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil.
Useful advice
Rice recommended measure volume using a measuring jug. It is believed that a portion for one person 65 ml uncooked rice for two, cook 150 ml, and for four – 275.

Advice 4 : How to cook short-grain rice

Round grain rice is especially popular in far Eastern cuisine. It is used in the preparation of sushi and as a garnish to various dishes. But in order that the rice was cooked in the best way, you need to follow the technology of cooking.
How to cook short-grain rice
You will need
  • For sushi rice:
  • - 1 tbsp. of rice;
  • - 3 tbsp rice vinegar;
  • - 1 tbsp of sugar;
  • - a pinch of salt.
  • For the risotto:
  • - 2 tbsp. rice (best suited round Arborio rice);
  • - 3 tbsp vegetable broth;
  • - 60 g of butter;
  • - 100 g of grated Parmesan cheese;
  • - 1 tbsp. dry white wine;
  • - 300 g chicken fillet;
  • - 2/3 Cup of heavy cream;
  • dried rosemary and oregano;
  • - 1 onion;
  • - olive oil.
Sushi rice needs to be sticky to hold the shape. Therefore, its correct preparation is especially important. Pour rice in pot and rinse 4-5 waters. After that, pour it with cold water so that it was more rice on 2 fingers. Do not add salt into the bath water. Put the saucepan on a strong fire, and then when the water boils, reduce to medium and cook the rice for 20 minutes, not stirring. During this time the water should evaporate. If necessary, top up the pan with some more water. Cooked rice remove from heat and season with mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt. Use warm rice for sushi and rolls. Prepared according to this recipe the rice and just serve, accompanied by slices of fish, seafood, or Japanese omelet.
Risotto rice, rinse in running water. Onion peel and cut into small cubes. Preheat a frying pan olive oil and fry the onions for 4-5 minutes. In a saucepan pour in the broth and bring it to a boil. Add to the pan the rice and add the onions, stir. Salt the broth. Cook the rice for 10 minutes, and then pour in the pan wine. As a result, the rice should be soft. Cereals ready season the butter and add the Parmesan. Separately, prepare the chicken. Fillet cut into small cubes and fry in a pan in olive oil for 4-5 minutes until soft. Then salt the meat, add the herbs and pour into the pan with the cream. Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Serve risotto with chicken and sauce. Each serving sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan cheese.
If the recipe specified a round figure, it is not necessary to replace it with long-grain or wild. Each type of rice has its own properties - short-grain rice is usually more sticky and better suited for sushi and a variety of cereals, long-grain rice often turns out more crumbly.
Useful advice
Even if your rice burnt while cooking, don't discard it completely. Carefully remove from the pan to the part of the rice remains white. Scrape the rice from the bottom - it will ruin the taste of your dish.

Advice 5 : What is the composition of crab salad

Crab salad has long been a traditional dish of Russian feasts. No wonder, because to cook it simply and quickly, and buy products for it does not require large expenditures. In addition, the usual crab salad you can vary the other ingredients, creating new taste combinations.
What is the composition of crab salad

A simple recipe for crab salad

One of the first recipes salad with crab sticks, suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of time to prepare ingredients or just doesn't like rice. For its preparation you will need:
- 8 eggs;
- 250 g crab meat;
- 200 g of canned corn;
- 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
- 1 tablespoon of sour cream.

Eggs boil hard boiled, peel the shell and cut into small cubes. Shift in a bowl, eggs and sweet corn, which pre-drain the liquid. Add to ingredients diced crab meat. In a separate bowl, mix the mayonnaise with sour cream and season the salad with the mixture.
Store the egg salad it is recommended that no more than two days and in the refrigerator.

Traditional crab salad with rice and cucumbers

Composition of salad:
- 1 Cup of rice;
- 5 eggs;
3 cucumbers medium size;
- 250 g crab meat or crab sticks;
- 200 g of canned corn;
- ½ Bunch green onions;
- 250 g of mayonnaise.
To salad turned out to be less high-calorie, mayonnaise can be completely replaced low-fat yogurt without any additives or at least low-fat sour cream.

Boil the rice until tender in plenty of salted water, drain and let cool to room temperature. The eggs boil hard boiled and cut into cubes along with crab meat and cucumbers. Put all the ingredients in a salad bowl, add canned corn and chopped green onions. Fill it with mayonnaise just before serving so that the cucumbers did not have time to let the juice, can spoil the appearance of the dish.

Light salad with crab sticks

This is the Lite version of salad with crab sticks, in which rice and eggs are replaced with more beneficial and gentle Chinese cabbage. For its preparation you will need:
- 200 g crab meat or sticks;
- 200 g canned sweet corn;
- ½ Head Chinese cabbage;
- cucumber;
- 1 tbsp of mayonnaise;
- 1 tablespoon of sour cream;
- salt to taste.
For this salad it is better to choose a head of cabbage that has a large amount of green leaves.

Tender part of the leaves of the Beijing cabbage finely slice crosswise and add to salad bowl. Add diced crab meat and cucumber and canned corn. Combine mayonnaise with sour cream and add this dressing to the salad. All carefully mix, the sunflower, if necessary, and serve.
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