The taste of rice will depend not only on the variety of grass, but from the method of its preparation. Indian long grain basmati rice is very fragrant and is considered one of the best kinds for cooking.
There are two main ways of boiling rice. Conventionally, they are called "East" and "West".
To cook rice "in the East", sort and rinse it three to five times in cold water. There is a perception that water leaches out of the rice nutrients, therefore many cooks do not recommend to wash it before cooking. In this the choice is yours. Pour in the pan of water. For cooking rice is very important proportions. Considered ideal is 1:2. If you are going to prepare 150 ml of rice, pour 300 ml of water. When the water boils, add salt and stir in the rice. Cover pot and cook rice for 3 minutes over high heat, 2 in the middle and 7 on low. Then drain the water, allow rice to stand for 10-15 minutes, add butter. The rice is ready.
For "Western" method needs a large frying pan with a thick bottom. Pour a little vegetable oil and stir, slightly fry the rice. The oil should coat all the grains. Then pour into the pan of boiling water at the rate of 1:2, add salt and close the lid. Simmer, without stirring, to simmer for 15 minutes. Try it on "readiness", the rice should be very soft. If it is cooked, turn off the stove, remove the lid and cover the pan with a towel to soak up excess moisture. If you in this way prepare the rice for garnish, you can pre-fry in a pan the finely chopped onion with grated carrots. Then to the vegetables add the rice and continue cooking on this recipe.
If the rice is cooked on the side, the water can be replaced with broth, meat, vegetables or fish. The boiling broth add salt (if you have not previously done so), pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and stir in the rice at the rate of 1:2.
For cooking varieties, "Jasmine" and "Basmati" boil the rice in boiling water for five minutes. Then fold it in a colander, rinse and put in a water bath, cover tightly with a lid. After 10 minutes the white powdery rice is ready.
Vietnamese rice is never washed before cooking, and fry for a few minutes in butter. Then cook in the usual way. As a result, the rice gets a nice brownish color.
If you are planning to cook rice sweet dish, then cook it in a mixture of water and milk. Boil one part water and two of milk, stir in the rice and simmer until almost cooked. Fold it in a colander, let the liquid flow down and cover the baking paper. When the rice gets dry, put in a bowl, add the butter and leave on time for impregnation.