If you are familiar with the mother of the guy in absentia, check with your loved one's interests, Hobbies and preferences in leisure activities. Businesslike woman suit as a gift a ticket to a concert or to the theatre. A practical owner will like the correct thing in the house. In the early stages of a relationship it is preferable to give neutral things, because without knowing the person's taste, you can be in an awkward situation. In the future, when you get to know each other better, they will be able in conversation to get to know her desires.
Treat your mom to a young person, especially as a woman. A great gift can be a beautiful bouquet or violets blooming in a pot. It is important to beat gift, accompany the gift with nice words to a woman is not speculating the value of the gift itself.
If the mother of the guy appreciates a warm home, and you are a good cook, bake her a nice cake. But don't ask her to assess your cooking skills, you better treat the gift as a sign of reverence and respect for master and maternal merit female.
If you are invited to a family celebration, prepare a toast and congratulations in advance. If you do not find the words, write on postcard poems and read them to mom guy. Even if relationships are tense, you always have something to thank this woman.
If a big celebration in the house of his mother in law is not planned, you can make a cute family gatherings. Together with the young man set the table, prepare a special dinner, decorate the kitchen and the corridor of flowers, balloons or hearts. The most important thing here is your sincere participation, respect and reverence to man, who is older than you. Express mom guy thanks for a good son, admire the qualities of women. In every person there is something that you can appreciate. Do this sincerely.
If you've never seen the mother of the guy, but I know that her birthday, give congratulations through her son. Attention in this case will not go unnoticed. When a little closer acquaintance, to congratulate the mother of a young man on the phone. You can read a poem or say something nice and pleasant. Call is infinitely better than silence or ignorance about the holiday. Be attentive to the birthday mom's boyfriend.