Muscle mass human body depends on only two factors: regular exercise and proper nutrition. First, go to 6 meals a day. To do this, simply divide your usual daily diet for six small meals. Try to eat every two hours and after exercise be sure to drink a protein shake. Try not to eat a heavy meal, eating only high-quality products: fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables and fruit.
It so happens that at the initial stage it's hard to go on 6 meals a day, so I can replace another meal with a serving of quality protein. In addition, you can eat something nutritious: a pack of cheese or yogurt. You can gradually move to a normal diet, which will have a beneficial impact on muscle growth.
Keep in mind that six meals involves the gradual adaptation of the organism to this diet. If you are going to do the hardening, but I never did, you should start with warm water, gradually reducing its temperature, until you get to "ice" temperatures. The same principle must go to the six-session nutrition. If you eat 3 times a day, the first week try to increase food intake to 4-5 times. Once you get used, go to 6 meals a day, sometimes replacing a portion of protein shake.
Regular training also has important value. Try in this period not to miss classes. If you are going to eat, skipping the workout, then very quickly picks up excess fat. After all, you don't want it? Moreover, it is recommended to increase the load, as the body needs to get rid of excess fat and carbohydrates. The more you consume carbohydrates, the greater the amount of energy you need to use in the classroom in order to effectively increase the muscle mass of the body.
After 3-4 weeks when your body becomes accustomed to this diet, try to eat protein to replace one or two meals, and in between them. Thus, you increase the amount of protein consumed, so necessary to increase muscle mass. At the same time, gradually increase your diet the amount of calories consumed. Just do not overdo it. Once you feel that this method began to give an effect should stop. In all must maintain a reasonable measure.