According to the Labor code Chapter 12, article 72, any changes in the employment contract are made only with the consent of the employee, and in writing. But this normative document prescribes the change of the position, and interprets that to make such an operation as the need to transfer to another position.
After agreement from the employee is received, head draws the order to change the positions and make this information to the payroll schedule. The content of the order should be something like this: "you have (insert date) to make changes to staffing no. from (date) to replace the (specify position) to (register new)". If you want to increase or decrease the salary, it is also prescribed in the order.
Then it changes and staffing, which shall include all changes. It is signed by the chief of staff and chief accountant.
Later in the work-book entry: "Transferred to the post (specify which)". In practice, also use this abbreviation: "Post ...renamed the post...". But as far as this entry is lawful is unknown. To avoid problems with the labour Inspectorate, it is better to make these changes in the first embodiment.
Do not forget to make a supplemental agreement to the employment contract of an employee where it is necessary to specify at what point the change occurred, and what. If the change of position lead to the increase or decrease of the salary, it's well worth it to register in the additional agreement. This document is drawn up in two copies and signed by both parties.
If the employee does not agree with changing the position, the Manager must offer all possible solutions to this problem. In the end, to find a compromise.