Use a ratio of 100 kW = 0,0859845 Gcal in terms of capacity, measured in kilowatts per hour in power, expressed in gigacalories per hour. This compliance follows an inverse relationship: 1 cal = 0,001163 kW.
Use any calculator for the practical transfer of values measured in kilowatts, the appropriate value in Gcal. For example, one of the options calculator of the Windows operating system is the conversion of units. To access this calculator through the main menu of the operating system. Press the Windows key or click the "start" button to expand the menu. Then go to "All programs" and open the sub - "Standard" - it and placed the string "Calculator" which you must click. You can do without the "start" button and move the menu - press the key combination WIN + R, then type calc and press Enter.
Activate options calculator related to the conversion of units. To do this, open in the menu "View" and select "conversion". Additional options are placed in the left pane of the changed interface of calculator.
Expand the Category list and select the line "Energy". In placed below the drop-down list "Initial value", click the string "kWh". In the third list ("Final value") select "kilocalorie". Gigacalories in these lists is not therefore necessary to perform additional surgery with the result.
Click the input field of the calculator and enter the value in kilowatts, which must be converted to Giga-calorie. Then click the "Translate" button and the calculator will display the value in kilocalories. To translate it in Giga-calorie, divide the value per million - click with a slash ("slash"), input 1000000, and then press the equal sign.