You will need
  • - the text of the work;
  • literature;
  • - a computer with a text editor.
Before placing the bibliography in your course work , you must create a list of all normative-legal acts, books, periodicals to which you refer in the work. Often require listing those sources that have influenced your conclusion, but not actually voiced in the course.
In the first place in the list of literature lists the normative-legal acts in order of pozabankowe. Start with a description of international legal acts, then list the main laws of the state (Constitution and codes), Federal laws, government decrees, decrees of the President, etc. Every legal source must have the full name, date modified, place and year of publication.
Next on the list of literature must be listed monographs and textbooks, articles in periodicals. Their description starts with the name of the author or group of authors, then spelled full name, and output. Fully all of this information can be copied from the flyleaf of the book. For an article in a magazine or newspaper, you must also specify the number of pages.
Sometimes books and articles in periodicals in the list of literature require to be split into two sections. These artworks are located in the bibliographic list, or in alphabetical order (the first listed works in Russian, then foreign) or in order of use in the work.
Separately issued electronic sources. To get right to issue, in the list of literature should include the title of the article or site and a complete Internet address.
The list of literature should be numbered consecutively. It is formatted and how the rest of the text (usually 14 Times New Roman font with single line spacing with the paragraph 1,25).