Advice 1: How to measure weight without scales

To measure the weight of products is easy and without any special equipment. Most importantly, be attentive to what is at hand, and the result can be quite accurate. So, if you have no special kitchen weights, and recipe necessary to observe up to grams, do not panic and just begin to measure.
How to measure weight without scales
You will need
  • The measurements table, food, dishes.
The easiest way is to use a special table of measurements. It is easy to find in a cookbook or on specialized sites on the Internet. It offers average value of each productcontained in the tea, the dining room, dessert spoon, Cup and bowl. For example, according to this table, teaspoon placed 5 g. of normal water in the morning - 18, and in faceted glass, filled to the top - 200. Simply select your desired product and calculate how much you need him in those or other Cutlery.
If a long mathematical calculations and exhausting calculations are not for you, use your hand. So, for example, has long been calculated that 100 g of meat or fish is a piece the size of the female palm. If the cook is male, he can safely add another 50 g for the calculations. A serving of grains equal in size to the fist, will weigh 200 g. by the Way, the principle arms used in the calculation of the required portions for a healthy diet. There is needed 4-6 times a day with portions the size of your palm.
In some cases, measurements will fit special dishes coated dimensional slices. In some glasses it is possible to find the markup for multiple products - flour, sugar, water and salt. The same goes for cooking bowls and bowls.
Can calculate the weight of the product based on what capacity you work. So, if you choose a bowl with a capacity of 250 g, and you need to weigh out about 50 g of product, simply divide the total number of grams capacity required. Then mentally in a Cup determine the part equal to the resulting figure, then weigh the product. However, keep in mind that weight different products also depend on the consistency and density of the source material. Therefore, this method of weighing is not suitable for all products.
Another option - just remember how much food, how much approximately. One of the advantages of this method - perfectly trains memory. However, if you are too much on your memory, it is best to err even in any alternative method of weighing products.

Advice 2: How to weigh flour without scales

Not every woman is on the kitchen scales. Products are often measured "by eye". But in some recipes it is important to observe the proportions. Confectionary masterpiece can be hopelessly flawed, if flour is too much, or too little. How to avoid error and accurate to weigh flour without scales? Here are some tips experienced cooks.
Sometimes the spoon can replace the scales
As weights you can use traditional kitchen utensils: spoons, jars, glasses, pots. However, one should remember about the difference between volume and weight of the products. Weighting no weights will be much easier if you use a special measuring Cup, the sides of which marks showing the weight of different products.
Weighing spoons. Scoop flour with a spoon (dining room or tea). Gently shake that showered the excess flour. The spoon turns a neat "little hill". In a teaspoon with a "slide" is placed 10 g of flour, in the dining room – 25 g.
Weighing glasses. It is best to use normal faceted glass bezel with a volume of 250 ml of the Flour, pour in a glass with a spoon. It should not to settle and compacted, this may change the weight. Filled to the rim the glass holds 160 g flour. If you pour the flour level with the edge, the weight will increase to 180 In a glass volume of 200 ml to fit a little less flour - about 130 g.
Weighing pans. This proven method will help out the hostess, who has no time to re-measure a large quantity of flour spoons or cups. You can take two pots of different sizes. Prerequisite: the small pot should be fully big. In the smaller dishes to fit the product, whose weight is precisely known. Optimal use of sealed kilogram packaging sugar or cereals. Then the pot is placed in an empty load. In big dish carefully filled with water to the brim. Now the burden of small pots can be removed and gradually fill it with flour. Once the water in a large pot will go back up to the brim, a kilo of flour weighed.
The flour is not necessary to sift before weighing.

Advice 3: Var garden with his own hands: 4 simple recipe

Garden var, needed when trimming, vaccination, after Stripping wounds on trees. It can easily be purchased in stores for gardeners. However, the garden options can be done at home.
Var garden with his own hands: 4 simple recipe

Garden var: recipe No. 1

Heat separately 1 kg of nigala, 1 kg of rosin and 1 kg of wax. Then gently pour in hot nigral paraffin and rosin. Mix everything carefully. Let the mass cool down and then lay her on the banks.

Garden var: recipe No. 2

Prepare the pork fat, resin and wax. Required to rent them at a ratio of 1:4:1, respectively. Melt the fat. It must be fresh and definitely unsalted. Add powdered rosin and wax. Melt the mixture on fire and boil for 20 minutes. After hardening wrap a garden var in plastic wrap, waxed paper or raspakujte banks.

Garden var: recipe No. 3

Melt 1 kg of rosin. It must pound. Mix the resin with 250 ml of natural linseed oil. Melt 5 kg of paraffin, and then pour into it a lot with rosin and linseed oil. Mix everything and store in a warm room.

Garden var: recipe No. 4

Melt on low heat the wax and propolis in the ratio of 3:2. Shalt rosin (6 parts) and add to the mixture. All boil. After cooling the mixture pour turpentine (1 part) and stir. Immediately before use, knead a garden var hands.

How to make garden var itself: an important caveat

Some gardeners believe that the more will be part of an improvised Vara natural oils, the fatter and better putty. However, fatter is not better. Soft options with a high fat content will easily burn in the sun on a hot day. The result is fat "streams" that will clog the pores of the cortex and will not let her breathe. While dark spots Vara will heat the bark up to a critical temperature and will burn.

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