If the organization has its own domain name, to the mail box it is possible to port the server program sendmail or similar designation. The postal server can be located on the territory of the organizationand in the server of the hosting provider. The program can also be run on the same server that is used to bring the official site to the public. The main thing that he had made a DNS entry. Instruct the system administrator of the organization to create on this server accounts for different employees. Received e-mail address you specify on the official website. The specified option can be considered the most prestigious (addresses will be positioned on the same second level domain as the site), however, to ensure reliable protection of mail boxs from spam and viruses, the system administrator will have to work hard.
Slightly less prestigious option to create an electronic mail boxand is to use the relevant service provider, providing the organization with access to the Internet (don't confuse it with the hosting provider). Then ' will be located at the same second level domain as the site provider. Note that the main disadvantage of this method of obtaining a mail boxs is their small volume. In the absence of timely treatment, they quickly overflow, and in case of contact lists of spammers their addresses are difficult to change on the other.
The least prestigious, but also the most convenient way to receive electronic mail boxs for your organization is using public mail servers. Their services are free, they provide high-quality protection against spam, and sometimes from viruses. The volume of the boxand that you can make on such a server, can be several gigabytes. And some of these servers (e.g., Gmail) are considered less prestigious compared to others.
Regardless of which server is the mail box, it is important to ensure its safety. Set a complex password and answer to security question enter a random sequence of characters. Change the password periodically.
To be able to accept paper correspondence, please contact the nearest organization post office having a subscriber box. Receiving a set of documents which includes a form contract, complete all necessary paperwork. Indicate on the site postcode and the number of the subscriber box. Don't forget to pay the fee for him.