One of the most effective methods of eliminating problems is the dermabrasion. The procedure should be performed by a qualified therapist under anesthesia (local or General). Its essence lies in the mechanical action on the skin with the help of special devices (grinding). The depth of penetration should be determined individually, depending on the degree of roughness of the skin. It should be noted that this procedure is not suitable for everyone. Should not be for her to resort to people with various inflammatory processes on the skin, distressed vessels, after passing hormonal or radiation therapy. This method allows you to get rid of a rather large layer of uneven skin on the ground which will form a new and smooth. A significant disadvantage is that to obtain the end result you will not be soon. Due to a severe injury to the skin for a long time to recover and to be in a fevered state. In this period of time should avoid long sun exposure and always use sunscreen.
The procedure of skin resurfacing can be done at home (micro-dermabrasion). It is carried out with a compact appliance and a special scrub with the abrasive particles supplied. Rotating the head is necessary to treat the surface of the skin, which previously applied the scrub. This is not to handle the area around the eyes, so as not to damage delicate skin. This procedure allows you to remove the top layer of skin cells, that is, the peeling in this case is not as deep as in salon dermabrasion. However, skin sensitivity to sunlight also occurs here, therefore, we should not forget about special creams. Micro-dermabrasion is carried out 1 or 2 times a week, the number of procedures should be 5-8 times. It all depends on the degree of roughness of the skin. Before the procedure it is necessary to test for sensitivity and Allergy to the components of the scrub.
A natural remedy that helps to reduce scars – calendula. Select products based on this plant. By itself, this method will not give quick and tangible results, but prolonged and regular use you can improve skin structure.